Gymnastics 5+ years

Pre Level Gymnastics – Bronze, Silver & Gold

Recreation programs are designed first and foremost to be fun promoting our philosophy of Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals and Friendship.  The classes run for 60 minutes and gymnasts will progress through our pre levels program at their own pace of learning with the focus on developing physical gymnastics abilities and confidence. As your child progresses through the curriculum, they will move from one colour to the next.  During class, gymnasts will participate on all of the Olympic gymnastics apparatus including our 15 metre trampoline, foam pit, ropes, pit trampoline, bars over the foam pit and plenty of specialised recreational equipment.

Gymnastics is a great foundation for all sports and the basic athletic skills learned are transferable should they wish to try something else at a later stage.  Our programs teach the basic fundamental movement patterns whilst giving children a love of gymnastics.  Activities learned include running, jumping, swinging as well as developing body awareness, coordination, increase flexibility and strength.

Boys and Girls are in separate classes with a ratio of 8 gymnasts to one leader. 

Program Prerequisites - No gymnastics experience required.

Recreational Levels Program - MAG & WAG

Levels Gymnastics – National Levels Program 1-4

The National Levels program is an extension orf our Pre-Levels program where girls and boys participate separately.  The curriculum and routines follow the Gymnastics Australia National Levels Program for both MAG and WAG where gymnasts participate on all Olympic apparatus in addition to include our 15metre trampoline, foam pit, ropes, pit trampoline, bars over the foam pit and balance beams.  In the levels program gymnasts advance as they master the skills on each apparatus becoming more confident and skilled in their ability. 

Mental toughness improves naturally throughout the levels programs and as the skill level increases gymnasts will have the opportunity to deal with frustrations and fears as well as embrace their successes of progress and mastery of skills. 

Coaches work with gymnasts teaching them to accept feedback and apply it to their work effectively, a crucial skill to learn and develop as an athlete. Gymnasts will learn routines and be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities during in-house friendly competition environments designed to improve confidence and self-esteem. 

Classes are programmed according to age, ability level and/or previous experience.

Program Prerequisites - No gymnastics experience required.